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beglez commented on a podcast 8 months ago

@BachelorPrime Very good and important information. What do you do next after you identified the way you react to certain situations? How do you build this 'template' of yourself? How do you change your response if that is possible? etc. Your insights and any further reads on this would be highly appreciated.

BachelorPrime commented on a podcast 11 months ago
BachelorPrime 11 months ago

@HerrAdventure Thank you for the feedback! We will work on that.

BachelorPrime commented on a podcast 11 months ago
HerrAdventure commented on a podcast 11 months ago

@BachelorPrime I know about IF, Idaho. Place breeds girls wanting men. Criticism wise, try and take care of the background noise. Dog, glass clinking on counter within a open room becomes distracting. Once you two got the ball rolling after the first eight minutes or so, it was some fluid stuff coming out. I enjoyed the tips. Thanks.

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