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Self-Making-V2 41 minutes ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I'm not deleting the post. Get an x-ray and track down your funny bone ffs

SafeWordIsCommitment 9 hours ago

@Self-Making-V2 Oh no! TRP is being slandered by a guy from 2015 with almost 300 subscribers. I want that 8 minutes of my life back, wasted on a nobody who accomplished nothing since then. His other videos have like 51 views. Linking him from TRP increased his viewership by 3600%. Do us a favor and delete this post.

Self-Making-V2 11 hours ago Not sure if you guys have seen this BUT yeah, you lot are all getting mocked/slandered by... I don't know how to describe him

Self-Making-V2 4 days ago

@MentORPHEUS NGL, I love to cook, so fuck spending 60g's for her kitchen. The dude should of spent 60g's on HIS dream kitchen. Fuck what she wanted... Although, it looked like he would of been better off with a catalogue of take out menu's...that bitch don't cook...Maybe deep fry...

Self-Making-V2 4 days ago

@redpillschool ... I feel like i can reverse this logic to become the black person i so strive to be... I can't wait to be able to "bust a move"

Self-Making-V2 about a week ago

@GayLubeOil Lol, fucking brilliant

-Anteros- 2 weeks ago


  • be thin
  • be tolerable/feminine
  • develop potential to be a good mother
  • raise infant/toddler
  • Provide feminine support to a man
  • be grateful

Note: list is unordered, has some overlap and is non-exhaustive

Self-Making-V2 2 weeks ago

@-Anteros- But define what a woman's responsibilities are?

-Anteros- 2 weeks ago

@Self-Making-V2 To make an applicable comparison you need equal elements. As we know, men and women are not equal, nor is their life path relating to responsibilities.

Self-Making-V2 2 weeks ago

@-Anteros- To play devils advocate, how many men are responsible for themselves? TRP is on what, 300,000? Throw in maybe another couple of million of men who don't need TRP because they naturally know this shit... Leaves a rather large amount of men running around clueless in many areas of life

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