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Location: Israel
Expertise: Technology
Age: 32

"Got a money or tech question? Send it my way."
Age: 32 | Location: Israel | Technology
redpillschool about a week ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment thanks for the advice. I'm holding on all fronts, given my inability to predict futures five years ago. Just looking for a portfolio app that records usd value of my Bitcoin trades when they happen.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a week ago

@redpillschool Protip: Don't jump the coin-carousel. Pick a winner and marry him young and wait a couple years for his market value to go up.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@redpect AHAHAHAHAHA. They have half the testosterone of a 84 year old man?

redpillschool about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I'm alive. Just busy. Big stuff coming soon.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

Also, no activity from redpillschool in the last week, here or reddit.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@Rollo-Tomassi I sympathize with this plight. @redpillschool

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@RedRum No. The black community has it worse. Jews have it somewhere inbetween. Asians still pretty safe though.

Self-Making-V2 2 months ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I'm not deleting the post. Get an x-ray and track down your funny bone ffs

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

@Self-Making-V2 Oh no! TRP is being slandered by a guy from 2015 with almost 300 subscribers. I want that 8 minutes of my life back, wasted on a nobody who accomplished nothing since then. His other videos have like 51 views. Linking him from TRP increased his viewership by 3600%. Do us a favor and delete this post.

-Anteros- 3 months ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment The point was to make better decisions than "complaining about women on the internet", not to get triggered over a 34 year old getting married.

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Boyfriend of feminist bangs her like Chad, wants to be wifed up

I'd be tempted to try and knock his ego down a peg

She wants to sabotage him somehow because he is doing well... Fucking crab bucket bitch is what she is.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by SafeWordIsCommitment
Yahoo: a shining example of female leadership running a company into the ground.

How dare you, cisgendered shit lord, doubt the efficacy of a wizard of Oz costume party in helping a company compete against Google in a cutting edge technology market!

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by SafeWordIsCommitment

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