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Location: Israel
Expertise: Technology
Age: 32

"Got a money or tech question? Send it my way."
Age: 32 | Location: Israel | Technology
SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@G_Petronius She didn't mean anything. Most people go through life reciting memes, in speech and in thought.

dr_warlock about a month ago

@MentORPHEUS @SafeWordIsCommitment

There is no valid counter argument. Everything you guys stated was crap.

dr_warlock about a month ago

@MentORPHEUS @SafeWordIsCommitment

Answer: it doesn't. You took a valid psychology concept (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), then knit-picked it to support a bullshit sentence. If anything male hedonism is worse because unlike women, men have potential to be much more valuable beyond their SMV.

dr_warlock about a month ago

@MentORPHEUS @SafeWordIsCommitment

2) "Think again about a rare sort of man who hedonistically pursues self-actualizing..."

"Maslow was defining 1 of the drivers of the top 1% among men..."


Assuming ur made-up word existed, how does 1% hedonism validate that ALL male hedonism (1% + 99%) is better than female hedonism?

dr_warlock about a month ago

@MentORPHEUS @SafeWordIsCommitment

1) First off, there is no such thing as 'higher need hedonism', you just made that up to rationalize the bullshit you spewed earlier.


RedRum about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I can name several young men behind bars that make this claim illegitimate. Hedonism is hedonism. Easier for women to get sucked into.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@dr_warlock What he meant to say was that male hedonism LEADS to production and creativity because men are the ones who produce stuff. Female hedonism is parasitic because women pay for it with men's money.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

At the bank: Nobody has ever failed a job interview as spectacularly as I have today. I ended up spending an hour talking about my experiences with money laundering. IDGAF has started infecting other aspects of my life.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

@dr_warlock I agree somewhat with the anti-monetization. That said, there are easier ways to raise funds.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

@0xdada prison as well.

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