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Location: Israel
Expertise: Technology
Age: 32

"Got a money or tech question? Send it my way."
Age: 32 | Location: Israel | Technology
SafeWordIsCommitment about a week ago

@G_Petronius I guess porn actress Venus Rosales can add fisting to her list of accomplishments.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a week ago

@blue_dover Wait... Your genie grants FOUR wishes?

SafeWordIsCommitment about a week ago

@RedRum Go to Asia if you want the opposite. Chicks want to date you. Dudes want to hire you.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@blue_dover 80/20 rule. 80% of your profits come from 20% of your users. Design for those 20% in mind.

0xdada 2 weeks ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment that's just standard trafficking / slavery (ho-bitrage, technically.) I was thinking more along the lines of a "change the world" "disruptive" app.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@0xdada The real money in pimping is mail order brides in socialist shitholes. Venezuela has a famine starving 90% of its population. Charge the third world women for a chance to escape famine. Charge the first world men for a chance to meet an "exotic beauty". Profit on both ends.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@0xdada Because meeting thirsty betas is so difficult for women that they would use an app for it? Because betas have pimp friends who will hook them up? Because pimps like leaving behind electronic records on phones? Every part of this equation confuses me.

0xdada 2 weeks ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment right, so Hustlr: An app for women to meet men vetted by their male "friends." Guys who make the best matches make the most money.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@0xdada I would think the only dating services that make money are ones that convince lonely betas to fork over lots of money in the hopes getting laid. Women certainly aren't going to pay for dating services when they have an endless supply of dick. Bros aren't going to pay for dating services when they have an endless supply of plates.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@Elfclan30 Only plate. LTR, casually mentioned lifting. You found out you are literally a cuck by this pedestal bitch for 2 years before she even put out. Go share your sob story on r/relationships. There is no room for weakness in here.

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Boyfriend of feminist bangs her like Chad, wants to be wifed up

I'd be tempted to try and knock his ego down a peg

She wants to sabotage him somehow because he is doing well... Fucking crab bucket bitch is what she is.

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Yahoo: a shining example of female leadership running a company into the ground.

How dare you, cisgendered shit lord, doubt the efficacy of a wizard of Oz costume party in helping a company compete against Google in a cutting edge technology market!

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