This was originally my stickied comment at this post here. There's a good chance a lot of users will miss it because I was late to the party at that post, so I'm making it a standalone post for more visibility.

Most of you probably missed this announcement over at the lesser platform, but for future reference:

Anyone can caption photos to make them say anything they want.

Our detractors will likely look at that post, and respond that OP just put words in her mouth.

Usually we don't want posts like this for that reason. We want the full story, and we usually want it in the woman's own words.

For future reference (and this is for everyone, not just the OP): if you find a video on TikTok or YouTube, post the video after it's been sanitized in accordance with rules 6 & 7.

Copy and paste the URL of the TikTok video into which will remove the identifying info (TikTok username, etc.) and then copy and paste THAT resultant video's URL into for hosting.

Post the link here.

Future posts like that one will be taken down. Post the sanitized video, not a comic-strip-style series of captioned photos or a still shot with a caption on it.