Yet another "Good Samaritan" is shot and killed for trying to "help" a woman.

Men: Don't help women. Especially don't help women who don't want to be helped. Especially don't help women who picked shitbags.

When you choose to deal with shitbags, sometimes you get shit on you. If a woman's got shit on her from dealing with her shitbag, that's her problem. Let her deal with it.

Michael Bankston tried to help a woman he didn't know. She had shit on her. He tried to help her clean the shit. He got most of the shit on him. And it cost Michael Bankston his life.

Don't let Michael Bankston's death be in vain. Let this be an object lesson.

Don't help women. Women make their choices. They choose the men they want to be with. They choose the men they want sex with. Let them bear the consequences.

Those women got themselves into those situations. Let them get themselves out.

Michael Bankston owed that woman NOTHING. He wasn't married to her. He wasn't having sex with her. He wasn't related to her. She wasn't his friend. He didn't even know her. He gave up his life for nothing.

Don't let what happened to Michael Bankston happen to you.

You see a woman reaping what she's sown with a shitbag, you just let her keep reaping, and you keep it moving. Don't intervene. Don't even look. You just walk the other way and don't say anything. Stay as far away from that situation as humanly possible. Actively combat your urge to play Captain Save a 304 - ESPECIALLY when you don't even know the 304 in question.

(Yeah, she's a 304. Her boyfriend - who's now a murderer - is an unemployed mentally ill fuck. She picked him, most likely because he could really blow her back out. Unfortunately, that's probably over, because he blew another man's brains out.)

Don't help women. DON'T HELP WOMEN. Unless you're banging them or related to them, you should be giving them exactly NOTHING.

You can't be a good man if you're dead.