Yes, all women are hypergamous, just like all men want to fuck a ton of girls.

But there are different degrees to it. Some men would like to fuck a lot of girls but would rather practice an instrument or spend time studying for a great career. Or some men think that five girls is a ton.

In the same way, all women want the best that they can get, but not all women are total trash who would leave a 5 year relationship for a guy who is only a half a point higher SMV than her current boyfriend.

Some girls like to drink alcohol on occasion but if their favorite restaurant introduced Baja Blast they would go for that instead.

Some girls get excited about Mountain Dew Baja Blast with alcohol in it (even though it probably tastes like shit).

Some girls have one tattoo on their wrist that they got when they turned 18 and won’t ever get more, and don’t make extreme decisions all the time.

Some girls have Pinterest boards dedicated to tattoos and have a half sleeve, a thigh tattoo, and will probably look like a dry erase board by the time they’re 35.

So if you’re basing all of your opinions about women as a whole on one girl/type of girl who took things to the extreme, then you are just as mistaken as a guy who drinks toilet water because he assumes that it is the fountain of youth.

P.S. Assume they’re sluts until proven otherwise.