One of the common problems I see across the manosphere is how many people take things way too literally, way too far, and without any nuance.

TRP isn't a bunch of immutable laws with zero exceptions. It's a praxeology with guiding generalities.

Even the things that come closest to immutable law, such as "she's not yours; it's just your turn" can have what appears to be exceptions. Example: man and woman marry each other as the proverbial debt-free virgins with no tattoos, and both remain faithful and available exclusively to each other until death does them part.

It would appear that she was his for their entire lives, would it not?

However, the axiom "she's not yours; it's just your turn" isn't trying to tell you "all women are sluts who will cheat at the drop of a hat!" but rather due to the way modren soyciety is structured, and the way the spectre of no-fault divorce looms over even the best of marriages, be ready for her to leave at any moment, because she certainly can. The man in that example had an element of luck on his side, because even if you vet her character thoroughly, and do everything right, women are still women and can change their minds due to factors outside of your control.

Another guiding generality that too many regard as immutable law is "AWALT", or "All Women Are Like That". The only things for which that is 100% true 100% of the time, is that all women are emotional and hypergamous. However, hypergamy is not a strait jacket, and different women go about seeking their hypergamous best option in different ways. AWALT for just about everything else (cheating, being divorce-happy, etc) is more of a caution or warning to stay aware and not become complacent because you're comfortable or in luuuuuuuurve, similar to "treat all firearms as loaded".

AWALT does not mean that all women are cock-hungry whores for Chad while using every other man for attention, favors, money, etc. who will leave you at the drop of a hat if a slightly better-looking man comes along, but rather that all women have certain impulses and instincts. And just like us, they might not be able to help having their instincts, but they can choose what to do about it.

One of the worst things people get spergy about is the use of "alpha" and "beta". Too many people use "alpha" to mean "good" and "beta" to mean "bad", and also act like they're states of being (e.g. "alpha male" and "beta male").

Really, "alpha" and "beta" are both traits that all men possess in varying amounts, and can develop and use judiciously once they learn how.

"Alpha" is attraction/arousal, ie things that make her pussy wet and make her want to tear your clothes off. Muscles. Confidence. Being assertive. Frame control.

"Beta" is comfort/security, ie things that make a woman want to stick around if she has earned it, but can actively repel her if you engage in this behavior too soon and without her earning it (which is why newbies are told "kill your inner beta to get laid" and guys who are sick of spinning plates and want an LTR are told "display more beta/comfort"). Things like a good economic outlook, kindness, generosity, forehead kisses, making her orgasm, being good with kids or pets.

To be a woman's hypergamous best option takes both alpha and beta traits, and too many men only display a lot of one with a dearth of the other. This is why so many women engage in the Dual Mating Strategy; they can't find one man who does it all, so they use multiple men to scratch their various itches. And of course, it's far preferable to be used as her dildo than to be used as her ATM or emotional tampon.

Another example of something people get rather spergy over is The Wall. I'll see a profile at WAATGM with a 28-year-old fat single mom who is haggard as hell from hard partying, and someone will comment something to the effect of "she'll hit The Wall in two years".

I shouldn't have to explain this, but a woman like that is already post-Wall. 30 is just the average age most women (again, on average) hit it. Some, like most of the WAATGM fodder, accelerate their impact via bad decisions and lifestyle (smoking, drug use, fat). Others manage to delay the impact significantly by living a healthy lifestyle (and fortunate genetics), and can be higher SMV in their 40s than a fat skank in her 20s.

[edit/addendum]: I can't believe I forgot to include this originally, but not everything a woman does is a shit test! A shit test is when she's attracted to you, but doubts her own attraction due to her innate skepticism bias. Sometimes, a woman is just being shitty. Sometimes, it's just flirty batter (FFS, "why don't you be my photographer?" isn't a goddamn shit test!) and you're already in as long as you don't fuck it up.

In summation, TRP is a praxeology of guiding generalities which apply no matter what, but with nuance, or a predictive framework which can aid in decision-making and habit-building, but it's impossible to account for everything. There will always be unknowns. There will always be factors outside of your control, but you will be better off exercising control over yourself. You still need alpha traits to attract and arouse, and beta traits to comfort and retain if you decide she's LTR-worthy and if she has earned it. You still need to accept that she might break things off at any time, for any (or even no) reason at all (and you can too!). You still need to ignore what she says, and watch what she does.