Been in a new LTR for coming up to a year now.

Still finding it hard to come to deal with the unknown body count of a my new girl. From being in a LTR from 17 to 26 with a girl who’s body count I can count with one hand to now getting back into one in at 28 years old knowing that in England no girl has got a body count lower than 10 in there 20s. It BUGS me, any past stories I hear about holidays and location she has been I get thinking how she racked up thst notch count. Am I being stupid thinking this and that I’m going to find a girl with less then 10 body’s in todays age. I know my knew girl must be on atleast on 20’ man since she travelled for 5 years! Everything else about her is legit and can’t fault her apart from this!!

Am I fucking up my future going ahead with this girl. Bear in mind I have a son who is 5 who I have 3 nights a week. So my prospective on things now are a lot more wholesome then before, not slaying them hood rats like i used to. As I’ve had 2 years of pure fun, the right one has seem to come about with searching for it. She’s a decent girl apart from this!…

There always one flipping thing that lets them down I guess.

Let me know what you guys thinks.

It’s something we all have to deal with I guess. But I can’t help but strive for perfection. Yes If I had it my way I would want her to be a virgin lol. But we have to be realistic.

Many thanks brothers