I'll try to keep it short. I was with my girlfriend for a little under a year. We've known each other since preschool and our families know each other well. The past year with her was really fun.

Her Pros:

  • just graduated from PA school with no debt (her parents paid for school)
  • conservative financially and politically
  • adopted my diet (keto/carnivore)
  • adores her father (although he was really tough on her growing up so I wonder if this is more Stockholm Syndrome)
  • I've gone to Catholic school with her from preschool through high school
  • her best friend is engaged to one of my best friends
  • stays in very good shape (collegiate soccer goalie)
  • likes to have sex
  • went on a two week camping trip and she did really well even though it was her first time camping
  • no tattoos or piercings
  • her father is a self-made millionaire
  • no STDs

Her Cons:

  • started having sex in 7th/8th grade
  • had sex with a couple of degenerate guys I knew from school
  • tried to commit suicide freshman year of high school and was hospitalized for a few days
  • has been on Lexapro (SSRI) and Lamotrigine (mood stabilizer) for ten years but has actively tapering her dosage after I expressed dissatisfaction (she will be off Lexapro in a week, then will begin to taper off Lamotrigine for several months)
  • had a hoe phase (9 guys) senior year of college and has had sex with 15 guys (I think she was being honest but I don't think that includes sexual activity, only intercourse)
  • her hoe phase mainly consisted of black guys (no offense to black guys, but we're both white and all of her previous boyfriends were white)
  • is more masculine/assertive than other women
  • somewhat of a feminist but not politically - more so she just wants to try to be as good as the guys
  • only has one female friend and no other friends
  • her grandpa was an alcoholic, her oldest brother had a year of alcoholism before going to AA and sobering up, her mother and older sister are on antidepressants, and her younger brother is struggling with alcoholism and just got put on antidepressants after getting a DUI

To provide more details on myself: I'm a millionaire (generating enough passive income to quit my job), software engineer (can work remotely) and have been lifting five days per week since high school. I am scuba certified, skydiving certified, play the piano and have a great social network. This was my first legitimate relationship and given the history/connection we have, I really am questioning my decision