Background: Mid 30's American guy meets 19 year old Ukrainian gal (8-9/10) on vaca a couple years ago. Hit it off, maintain communication for a year, communication eventually dries up, cease talking.

This past fall she messages out of the blue. We chat a bit, I convince her to go to Costa Rica with me over Christmas, pay for her flight because she's broke.

Trip is great. Amazing chemistry. Much sex. Many good conversations. Etc. I found out halfway through that she has a boyfriend which was interesting, though I wasn't terribly concerned about it. I was more just interested in having a good trip and hopefully maintaining some sort of connection for future trips.

Mistake number one: We started talking about her coming to where I live to visit / possibly stay permanently. I fell for this concept and invested in it in my head. I don't necessarily think it's a terrible idea to want to try to make something absurd like this a reality, but it's the extent to which I invested in it that was a bad idea. I also totally bought into her nonsense about really wanting to come and only feeling at home with me and all sorts of other stuff. (She's great at saying things that I want to hear. I should have been more aware of this.) Young females like to dream out loud. They mean what they're saying in the moment, but the next moment it could mean nothing at all. Be aware of this.

Mistake number 2: (The big one): She gets home after the trip. There's a fair bit of texting and calling until I guess boyfriend figures out what the vaca was all about and they do battle. Communication with me goes dead. I get confused and frustrated and send several texts and try to call a few times. (Loud "you fucked up" buzzer sounds here) She tells me what's going on, but something is clearly dead. I send her emo email. (buzzer #2) She calls me crying about how she broke up with boyfriend. I listen and even call her back later that day to make sure she's ok, b/c she's had mental health issues and I don't want her to do something dumb. (buzzer #3) Later that day she texts and says she loves me but needs to start from scratch and sort things out with boyfriend and blocks me on whatsapp. I guess boyfriend realized he couldn't do without the poon and reached out. This is obv a complicated social situation and the deck is stacked against me as an older dude on the other side of the planet, but I wasn't looking to control her. Just maintain a connection, which I fucked up.

Anyway, the lesson is thus: Don't assume just because things feel tight and you have top tier attraction and rapport with a girl, that you can break the rules. You can't. You never can. It seems so obvious to say, particularly in the context of this forum where shit like this is driven into you, but it's easy to forget when you're emotional and it's been awhile since you've been into the redpill scene. Even if it's been awhile since you've read redpill stuff, when you're into a gal and things are confusing or tough, come read this shit first to remind you of reality, rather than after as I tend to do.

Obv there are many other mistakes here. Even worrying about a gal on the other side of the planet is clearly questionable from a redpill point of view, but it seemed like something cool and different, so there you go.