Most of the guys I know who think alike grew up in a conservative mindset. Nothing wrong with it. But when juggling plates or starting out, why does it feel bad to see other women? Scenario example: my semi (but now not) LTR who I rejected because of her buy for exclusivity, still comes around & she sort of gets my drift when it comes to "relationships". I also want to keep my options open, I've been talking to women and have gone on dates, I'm on my second date, we kissed too. Thankfully, she didn't ask for any of this exclusive bs. But I'm sort of feeling bad because of the history and story the ex LTR and I had. I know she can find another man who would fill that up in a second but I just can't help remembering her emotional breakdowns etc because she didn't want me to leave. But I've got to keep going, I guess to put it shortly: If someone fell "in love" with you, and you're already free and willing to continue the juggle of plates, why does it feel bad?

Bonus question too, when you're already at your first month or half a year on a plate (I'm the sort of person who might develop some emotions from it btw) why does it still feel bad when you juggle plates? Is it because I didn't directly tell her about my lifestyle, but she never asked directly? Or is it because it's dishonorable or some bs to live like this, have a hush hush about the sort of lifestyle?