I honestly am not sure of the point of this post or what I'm trying to articulate, but I've just been feeling anger recently towards women? I'm not even sure. I think i'm still mad at what women are and I think of the cat analogy of how you don't get mad at a cat for being a cat, but I can't seem to grasp it.

Maybe its recent experience but I just keep think how much better I am than these girls, I didnt focus on them at all for a couple months and accomplished a lot and now I just look at every girl and think there nothing compared to me. But then this in turn makes me even more mad when they go for a loser. Sometimes its par for the course and its whatever the guy genuinely has good game, but then I see these girls obssess over these average guys and it pisses me off.

maybe its where i'm from I was talking to my friends about this how I grew up in a school with rich kids and girls would obssess over guys who would be losers in real life.

But at the same time I get so jealous envious when I go to the gym and see someone bigger than me, or even a bar I just think immediatley if this guy has game that he would take my girl and theres literally nothing I could do.

Something similar happened last wk this girl I had been talking to was giving my friend googly eyes and all I could think was how mad I was and that in the end is she wanted to there was literally nothing I could do to stop her from fucking him. I don't understand how you don't feel emasculated by something like that, I wanted to tell her how bad of a person she was she couldnt even have the respect to not flirt in front of me, then I remembered she doesnt give a literal shit and anything I would do would make it worse. It made me hate her and I didnt know what to do with my anger. It was like how Jeff bezos girl looked at leo. It was like I know im cool but heres this other fucking cool guy that girls love.

Getting a lot of competition anxiety, maybe im acting blackpilled and such, I think for me its hard to conceptualize game because I can't hear their game I think in the male pov where we would choose the hottest girl, I just see a bigger guy, or a jacked guy and immediatley I think fuck she'll choose him, even though I like myself over most guys.

Most of the time i'll be envious and then i'll talk to these guys and be like oh he was actually cool. But these women, I think it just goes against my personal values and thats why it bothers me so much, no respect, no honor, rewarded for being a bad person, with no retribution in sight.

I have no idea what Im trying to say so if anyone can make sense of this.