Yes, I know I'm retarded. Yes, I know this question is retarded. But I need urgent help. Tried kissing a girl on second date and she rejected me. I was confused since there were a lot of IOIs but I didn't think too much of it and decided to move on. A couple of days later she invites me out on a date, to which I give out some generic excuse about how I obviously had certain intentions towards her that weren't the same as hers etc. She basically tells me that she wants something "serious" with me but that she needs more time, wants to get to know me better, whatever. I actually saw ltr potential in her so I decided to go with it. However, the next date she sees a picture of me hugging a girl in my gallery while I was showing her some random photo and she makes a fuss about it after we get home over the messages, telling me how she doesn't want to be anybody's second choice etc. I comfort her (idk if that was the correct thing to do but whatever) and we continue talking, however it happened again after a date tonight, the same type of lashing out, because sometime during our date I told her I'm planning some trip with a girl who was interested in me sometime before. Now what I basically want to tell her is that she has no right to interfere in anything I have with any girl since we're still not actually fucking together, however I realize that might not be the smartest thing to do here. Any help is appreciated