went to the bar last night to meet up w a plate but ran into another one of my plates and decided to go home with her instead.

she’s one of my hotter plates so throughout the night, guys would keep approaching trying to hit on her. Most tried to ask me if she was my girl; I just grinned and said “ask her yourself buddy” each time. Made fun of them w her after they left. To her credit she did fuck them all off except…

End of the night as we’re leaving some bitchass townie firefighter dude that’s taller than me and has gainz approached. In the moment did my best to act completely unphased; chirped him ab being a firefighter and not a student “oh so when you’re not chasing false alarms do you just like to hang out at the college bars or what?”

At first we all did leave; she didn’t give him her number. Walked into pizza shop across the st and this fag followed us there and started talking to her AGAIN as we walked out. It took a lot of self control to not fully roid rage at this point but I managed to keep it together. once I realized she wasn’t fucking him off I just started walking away w one of my boys. She still went home w me after like a wholeass 5minutes but im pretty positive she gave him her number (gross).

I grabbed a slice of pizza, saved the crust and said “you get the crust for talking to crusty ass townies” with a shit eating grin. She chirped me for being a man slut, we laughed n whatever played it off like nothing, went home and fucked her brains out.

Idk just kinda annoyed that she allowed it to happen in my presence. Is this something im supposed to scold her on? Or would I be breaking frame by acknowledging she pissed me off?

Update: just opened ig and saw a Robert Greene quote from 48 laws of power that applies here real well; figured I’d sauce it on.

“An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than any temporary satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings.”