so i've been working at a nursing home, and a whole lot of these people regret working so much or chasing the paycheck, instead of doing what they actually wanted when they were younger and healthy. for example finance guys regretting not being a doctor or an engineer, or some blue collar tradesman even. the happiest people in nursing homes are those who invested in family and living modestly but happily; they're also the ones who actually get family visits a lot, like every day actually, as opposed to more successful career people, who rarely get any visits, if ever. at the same time, they're middle class or upper-middle class people, so not exactly the wealthy. of course it'd be ideal to do what you love and get paid a lot, but i assume that's very rare. other people (not the elderly) tell me that you should abandon your passions you have and follow the money; grind out the work and do what you love as a hobby in your spare time. the problem with that is that in america spare time barely exists (compared to europe), and life is usually work-sleep-work.

what do you guys think about this? would you rather follow the money and try to retire early, or would you rather do what you love now, because future isn't guaranteed?