LDR came to visit for a week and it was legitimately one of the happiest times I've experienced in a while.

Learned a bunch of stuff from the LDR girl in the past week (how to be effective at sorting and cleaning my place properly, tried a bunch of new foods and experiences I'd never have tried on my own, had literally my first functional experience with PIV (attempted it before in the past with my ex but it didn't work properly on my end as my ex was worsening my anxiety issues)).

So now I feel sad because LDR has flown back. It doesn't help that I caught some type of cold (or maybe dust allergy?) right after she left so I'm doing mealprep instead of gym today.

How do I break myself out of this self-sabotaging loop? I've been stuck in a depressive loop before (unrelated to women back then) but I can totally see this episode spiralling/devolving into something like that, what can I do to address or pre empt it?