So there is one club close to where I live that is not too trashy and very cheap (unless you buy drinks). I figured to try to get my club game going and basically learn to pull chicks cheap and fast on friday/saturday nights.

This time I went there with intention to observe. I made a couple moves but unsucessfully. Now some observations about how club dynamics work.

2-4 girls appear on the dance floor and dance together. Most often some group of guys come and try to form a circle with girls, then there is like 4-8 people in cirlce. Very rarely and only tall guys try to approach single girl from group without circle, most of the guys wait until circle forms. If they are in the circle, and want to approach, they immediately approach girl from the front, slowly take her hands, start dancing together. If guy is not in the circle he approaches from behind - accidentally starts bumping into girl a few times from behind, later puts his hand on girls vaist from behind, at some point turns her into himself to dance. Approach from behind vs from front happens 50/50 of the time. On these approaches guys mainly succeed, I havent noticed hard rejections (exept for when I tried myself to replicate). If guy approached trying to talk to girl before intimate dancing, girls would put them off.

I also noticed nobody looks drunk, few people were buying drinks, no crazyness is happening, guys also dont buy drinks to girls, girls sometimes buy themselves a cocktail when they get bored.

So I saw multiple times how people just start dancing and I dont really get it. I was visibly seeing from guys which of them are planning to make a move. I noticed girls werent eyeing them before or whatever. Guys just take girls and starts dancing.

I tried this 5 times and all of the times girl just pulls her hands away from mine. Dont really get what I’m doing wrong. Tried approaching only from front, because not that confident yet to just start grinding from back because I feel like there is one wrong move and you will be called off as a creep.

Anyone had some similar experiences in clubs? What could I be doing wrong? There were guys literally 10cm shorter than me making out with good looking girls, while I couldnt get the dancing part going.

I also tried to “steal” one girl when I noticed she danced with a dude who looked scared of everything and I succeeded, but this is unreliable tactic, because I’ve seen literally single guy like that with a girl throughout whole night