After an unexpected add through Snapchat, I found myself intrigued by a chick who'd added me out of the blue. She was quite attractive, easily a HB7. Curiosity piqued, I accepted her request and dove straight into conversation. Initially, it was typical small talk, but it didn't take long for me to steer the conversation toward logistics. It was an odd coincidence that we lived practically in the same suburb, she gave the same energy and more, so she was interested.

As we delved deeper into our chat, I shared a glimpse of my life with her. I happened to be at one of my favorite lookouts at the time. She told me she'd never been to a single lookout before, cue me teasing her on how we're in a nice area yet she hasn't seen all of it (Retarded ass teasing works).

(e.g.; Are you blind? You've been alive 19 years and haven't seen a fuckin lookout?)

I asked her about her daily life, including her job and she told me that she hadn't gotten around to getting her driver's license yet. I offered to pick her up from work for an impromptu date. The plan was simple: I would introduce her to some of the lookouts that I frequent. She agreed.

The day of the date arrived with a mix of anticipation and curiosity, this was the first girl I have plated since my LTR, I was nervous, (like being in high school and sending a note to some bad bitch type nervous). I knew I had to not give a fuck though, that's what TRP has taught me.

As I picked her up, immediate bitch mode ensued, I held frame, passed a few simple shit tests and tried to keep an easy conversation, touching on how her day had been and the usual bullshit. Undeterred, I took us on a scenic drive. The route I chose was deliberately picturesque and movie like, winding through landscapes that offered a view and a sense of escape from the some what shit hole I live in. I feel setting the vibe is a good way to get comfortable, as you try to hurdle through boring small talk.

As I drove, the conversation flowed more freely. We touched on topics of mutual interest, shared laughs, and gradually, the earlier tension dissipated. I'd tease her any chance I get, I think it's a good way to show that you DO NOT CARE whatsoever, which makes her think subconsciously that you are above her. We got to a lookout and sat down, I made sure I was comfortable with any silence that may arrive, because who gives a fucckkk? if she has a problem with it she can start the convo (this is the frame im trying to develop). Somehow the topic of some shit movie came up, she thought it was funny and wanted to show me a clip from it. It was weird as fuck, Labyrinth for those who are interested. But here was my excuse to get her to come back to mine, I wanted to watch it with her.

I drove her to another lookout after getting bored, I bought the bitch a $2 frozen coke from maccas because I'm a high quality man and she was happy with it. We went to this 2nd lookout which was a lot more killa and had a whole different setting to it. Much more lights etc etc. I learned from a few people in TRP that venue hopping is pretty important as it makes her feel like she's going on multiple dates. Our conversation deepened, veering into topics of religion, the afterlife, and the enigmatic nature of belief, (something I'm actually interested in so I was having a good time.)

She told me she's satanic (buh, buh not in the way that you think!!) and a walking red flag, she told me she thought she'd warn me for the future. (This was good to me cause it means she wants to see me in the future.) We discussed music and a similar artist that we both have interest in. This particular artist has a concert coming up that we found out we're both going to so I told her to show me her outfit, she said she couldn't decide and showed me a photo of it. One selfie outfit had her ass in a sort of see through black dress, and HB7 told me she showed her friend and her friend said she had the same face to that photo as HB7 did in the photo.

I said, you're going to have to show me again.. For some reason I can't remember what your face looks like in it!

She laughed and slapped my shoulder playfully.

She asked me what my outfit looked like, I couldn't be bothered showing her so I said "I'm actually wearing budgie smugglers to the concert, it's a surprise to everyone so I'm not showing you."

At this point, you can tell I'm enjoying the conversation and just making up stupid shit because I feel like it. She called bullshit and wanted to see but I said "Unfortunately you're going to have to wait!"

The topic of our surroundings soon resurfaced, and I explained that I know quite a few around this area (I started pointing in all the directions), She shit tested me by saying "Do you bring all the girls you take on dates to these lookouts?" and I responded, "Only the ones who have seen me in budgie smugglers." with a shit eating grin, Passed with flying colours etc etc.

I wish I could remember other shit tests during the night because I had some good answers, that's something that I'll have to brush up on remembering for you guys. I'm also introducing light kino throughout the entire duration of the date

She told me she's also been learning manual. On a whim after checking out a lookout, I decided to find a nearby carpark and give her some manual lessons. I've taught plenty of my friends so I genuinely could've done it. The bitch didn't know how to hill start so I explained to her you can actually have your foot on the fuckin break as you lift the clutch up to the bite point. She had a wow moment and thanked me because her Mum didn't put that into words for her.

I kept teasing light heartedly, I said "You know how the clutch and engine works right?" (I started doing this with my hands: ) This is how the engine connects to the clutch, which makes the wheels spin. She started dying of laughter and had tears coming down her face, so that made her crack up. She didn't end up driving my car, she said she was scared and didn't want to do it in front of me. (I thought maybe she's attracted and doesn't want to embarrass herself in front of me, even though IDGAF and would definitely have laughed but all in good spirit.)

It was a quick manual lesson, and it was getting late by this point so I just decided to invite her back to my crib, she said "What would we do there?" and I said "Well I need to finish watching that hilarious movie you showed me." or something along those lines.

Next thing you know, she's in my room and we're watching it on my laptop. She's cuddling up pretty quick when I whip out the "wow.. it's kinda cold"(lmfao absolute fuckin classic) and get under the blankets. I started escalating and she escalated it further. I was caressing her back and she moved my hand to her ass, at this point my shit was bricked up and I was enjoying just relaxing after the hard day I had at work when I thought "eh fuck it" and kissed her.

One thing leads to another and my hands are in her pants, I'm escalating more and more and take off her skirt. Her entire personality turns sexual, she put my hand on her throat as I began to finger her (I was like damn bitch... you a freaky asl already..) As I'm fingering her she say's "Wow you're really good at that.." and eventually she cums. She says "No other guy has ever made me cum" and yeah felt pretty good. I said "I'd love to feel your lips around my dick" and got hit with "Nah uh, I don't suck dick on the first date." (but you fuck on the first date???) I was so confused, "Is this LMR? how? My fingers inside her?? ASD? It cant be fuckin ASD can it?" but whatever I tried to back off and persist but after 2 or 3 times I said whatever.

(I wanted to ask TRP what you all think of that, when women say this is it just to fuel our egos or what, cause idk. She also said I'm really big etc)

I fucked her with the condoms I had in my drawer, dropped her home and she wants to see me next week.