I was in a cafe with this girl and when we were going out we were leaving she told the one guy who was there was smiling at her and took a picture of her. I didn't see any of that, but after she said, the scene clicked slowly but accurately. I did the "Timon and Pumbaa" move like saying "i'll go back there" and she esaying "no leave it". So i did because i thought it was better to avoid bs.

In my heart, tho, i wanted to punch him. In my mind i thought she was right. But i'm pretty sure now i was a coward cause this is how i feel. . So i took her back to her work and went back to the cafe, guy wasn't there. I asked the cashier for the guy "invoice" - i don't know if you have this in your country but here we have this "tax receipt" when you buy stuff, and you can add your ID Number for discounts. Unfortunatly his wasn't there, because i would had my way to track him down. . Anyway. I feel bad. I lift. I'm tall. Cleary not enough. Getting into Boxing ASAP. But i feel the pain in my chest screaming "Fucking coward". I told her i went back there. She said "noo don't tell me he was there please forget about it" but my guts says she lost a bit of respect. . I don't know man. I was raised by woman. I apologise if this text is confusing, i'm writing right after it happened, this is the first place i thought about venting. I need some guidance. I'm going to the gym right now, after more than 28h awake and 14 working. Please don't say "read the sidebar".