Recently got into a relationship with a younger girl (18). Been seeing each other for a couple months. The other night however, she was like we need to talk.

K = her K: It feels like the only thing we do when we hang out just leads to sex/sexual things. I talked to my friends about it and they agreed.

Me: yeah, but you know how much sex/intimacy with a partner is important to me.

K: yeah but it feels like it's the only thing we do, like the other day I wanted to actually watch the movie, and then we fucked instead.

K: I think we need to chill off of it for a while.

Part of me instantly knew this would be a problem, as withdrawing the sex card is a bit of a trump card no? Is she just pulling a comfort test? Ngl the times I've hung out with her like 80% of the time has lead to something sexual, but I also think she's guilt tripping me for having a high sex drive. This is my first time getting into a relationship, so looking for feedback/insight.