Been seeing this girl for 3 months. She chased me until I agreed to be exclusive with her. I see her almost every day now. She always cooks for me and we fuck almost every day. She seems very loyal and is mostly green flags.

So when I first met her I told her my expectations, if a girl is my girl she shouldn't have guy friends or be hanging out with dudes. She agreed and says she doesn't have many friends since she came from Ukraine a year ago.

When I first met her she goes to this gym and has a personal trainer and always mentions the dude (yeah here we go). I don't react at all every time she mentions the dude. She said her trainer was asking about hickeys and marks on her neck and eventually she posted us on Instagram and said her trainer was asking when she got a boyfriend. Says the trainer is going extra hard on her now.

One time we finished fucking and she starts talking about the trainer being hard on her recently. Honestly annoyed at this point and I say "so why do you always mention this guy?" " oh I see him all the time and don't know many other people here" I say "you should go to another gym, this guy obviously want to fuck you " " if you go back, I'm not helping you move" (looking back, this was a mistake for sure). She agrees but says she feels bad because he's a good guy.

Already regretted it the next day telling her to not go to that gym because it showed as insecurity or mate guarding.

I just helped her move into a new place recently. She has a gym that's right beside her place she was going to start going to. She sends me a snapchat of her at the gym this morning. I say: "oh nice, new gym?" She says " yeah it's better because it's closer" and i don't have to get up at 5"

Thing is.. I can see her location on snapchat (I guess she doesn't know) and she's at the other gym. So she lied to me and went to the other gym probably to see this trainer.

At this point I'm debating whether to call her out and withdraw attention or just withdraw attention without her knowing that I know she lied.