Today I just had a date w/a woman I met online. This will probably be the end of a 3 month foray I had in the online dating world. Online she was thick, how I like it. After I got her #, she sent photos that showed that she put on a couple pounds & was edging closer to fat but still not fat. I thought, that's fine, all our dates would be active (gym, walks, etc.) & minimal investment on my part. For our date today, I decided we meet at a Sweetgreen downtown, close to where I have been working. She arrived late, which was fine with me because I decided to go to my workplace when she was 5 minutes late to take care of some project. At around 30 min. later she texted me photos showing the traffic jam. Traffic was bad but she was still late so I told myself the date is over but I would linger to pick up the food I'd ordered. About 50 min. after we were supposed to meet I was waiting on my food when she showed up, revealing that even the photos she texted me were far from reality. Her online photos were about 5 years younger & 50 lbs lighter than her actual appearance; she was beyond fat, around 5 feet 3 inches & easily 190 lbs in my estimate. She approached me. apologized for her tardiness, & greeted me. Apparently my face went from sheer confusion to a stone cold expression because she had the boldness to ask, "Why are you looking like that, what's wrong?" I truthfully replied, "nothing," because I'd already decided that I was leaving after my food was done. She ordered her non-salad, meat filled meal at the salad restaurant (unsurprisingly) & came to sit down. When my food was ready I got up to get it & exited through the door. After several calls she texted: "Wow, that was quite rude of you," despite her lying through photos, arriving an hr. later, & generally wasting my time.

My question to y'all is what is it in female nature that allows for many females to lack any type of shame? This is not the 1st time I've been catfished by a female using photos from her former glory & they all behave the same: boldly & as if they did not blatantly lie online. With this female, in fact, she was right online shortly after I left. Do females have an innate ability to compartmentalize & is this primally based? I know that men aren't capable of this. If a man were catfish someone, for example, he more than likely would be filled with so much shame that he would immediately offer the woman an explanation, something along the lines of "I'm sorry but I had to find a way to see you in real life" or something. Yet this isn't the case with females.