I am 21 years old and currently in my 4th year of uni the girl in this story is also the same year but 22.

I’ve known this girl since freshman year of uni. Me and her best-friend from HS who also went to our uni form a trio where we used to hang out a lot, me and her bsf used to hangout a lot alone but I could never get her alone 1 on 1. It got to the point next year fall semester I asked her out after she’s been broken up with her bf for a couple a months, she told me she wasn’t “looking for a relationship”. I blocked her on Snapchat and she threw a tantrum to our whole group and gave me the silent treatment until I unblocked her, I didn’t unblock her.

Fast forward 1 year my first semester junior year I unblock her. It wouldn’t be to the spring of this year that we started to hangout late at night. She would give me free weed, alcohol, let me drive her car, run errands together, steal for me anything you think of she was doing for me she would blow up my phone CONSTANTLY I could not go a day without her texting me something random, around this time I didn’t have feelings for her so I tried to put her on with one of my friends her response again was “I’m not looking for a relationship” but they talked for a bit.

Fastfoward to this summer and all communication slowed, I maybe got one text. But I flirted with her a couple of times on snap and she even invited me to a hotel bday party for one of her HS best friends as despite being around people she knew since middle and high school even her bestfriend I was her “only friend” there. The night went great and she was leaving her group talks to come join in mines, she was under me pretty much the whole night. Her best-friend went to hookup with another guy from the part in a different part of the hotel leaving us alone, we shared the bed but she made the point that we both have separate sides(she has a disorder where she doesn’t like physical touch) I didn’t care much as I was drunk. The morning time was a disaster and I heard her throwing up and trying to rush to get out the hotel even getting her best-friend to rush as well, we stayed at the hotel for a hour, before she suggested that I take her and her bsf to McDonald’s, she didn’t even sit in the front she sat in the back.

I was confused as I flirted with her before and everything seemed to be going well. But I insisted on asking her out again. I asked my girl cousin who said the girl was out of my league and my best friend to read our messages to see if she liked me. They both agreed and I asked her on a date. Her response was “I’m your friend and I’m not looking for a relationship with anyone at all right now.” I said I didn’t think it would workout and she went on a rant about how all guys just want a relationship with her and that’s all she felt she was good for.

A month went by without contact and I got a new pet. She wanted to see it, I told her we already discussed where we stand at. She got mad called me immature and disgusting before blocking me, i asked a friend to get me unblocked, before stating this was my second time doing this.

Recently she’s been texting me wanting to see me often. She goes out of her way to contact me to hangout. But I often time take weeks to reply to a simple text from her, I didn’t even wish her a happy birthday nothing seems to faze her. I make zero attempts to reach out to her at all. My friends tell me to just wait it out as she will come around.

Despite all of this she text me so often that after reading this message she might text me soon wanting to see me. I’ve been reading and watching the rp for 3 years and I never had a situation like this where a girl who rejected me is trying to be apart of my life. After a girl rejects me they usually just fade into oblivion but I don’t get her at all. What are TRP thoughts?