I never had success with this age range doing cold approach. They are autistic and have awful social skills. They freeze when you start talking to them. They are on TikTok and Instagram all day. Short attention span. Hella guys simping for them on social media, dating apps and social circle.

How do I lay these girls? How do I put myself in a position where I am their best option? How do I present myself in a way that makes them view me in a positive sexual light? Where are good places to go and meet them?

I am 24 years young and 179 cm. Nothing remarkable about my appearance. My strengths are my sense of humor and ballsy-ness. I could also be viewed positively as the "charming foreigner guy", which helps with certain girls. My weaknesses are my physique(skinny), social proof and knowledge of native language(not that big of a deal honestly). Being a foreigner sometimes makes girls uninterested as they get the vibe of "this foreigner who's only chatting to me to try to use me"