Through a combination of my academic and financial achievements, time in the gym, and analyzing my negative thoughts I have put myself into a much better mental state. I would be able to look a girl directly in the eye and tell her I'm going to take her and make her mine with minimal to none flinching. I have some experience making small talk with people and I've learned about being empathetic to what they are saying responding to validate what they have said, or sharing my own related experience, and asking them questions, having good tone and facial expressions, eye contact, etc.

At the gym the other day I walked in with a controlled high status demeanor and looked the receptionist right in the eye and greeted her in a confident/dominant manner and got her to check me in and give me a towel. A day or two later we were walking in opposite directions and she had a big smile and looked at me. Here is where I'm not too sure what to do, am I supposed to give a soft smile back in a confident almost cocky way and maintain eye contact and walk right up to her and introduce myself and ask her out?

I'm unsure what to do with the smile here does it mean 1) smile back and look at her until she looks away 2) if walking towards her smile keep eye contact and make some innuendo if she seems receptive to it"Hey, how's it going? I specialize in one on one training for female athletes. I'll take your number and see if we can't arrange a private session." 3) smile, look at her until she looks away, go do some exercise, come back and approach her later.

TLDR: Someone give me tip on what to say and do when girl I have attracted is smiling at me in the gym. What I did in the moment was look at her without smiling and be the the first to look away and then just continued my work out. Next time I saw her she didn't react to passing me.