Hey guys,

So I need some opinions from other people than my nearest circle for my situation:

So my LTR is going downhill these last 10-12 weeks because I’ve gotten worse over time and I think the attraction and desire from my girl is getting less. Has not said i love you for like 10 weeks. (We do live together for around 2 years and are together for 3)

We still occasionally had sex etc.

Started to work more on myself then and the last 2 weeks it got a lot better. Started to really get a grip on shit tests etc.

So for these 12 weeks my gf started to complain about my alcohol problem. I do occasionally drink but I’m not an everyday drinker. The problem is that when I drink I get way too drunk. So kind of got a problematic way of consuming alcohol and I gotta admit that.

I do accept this and that’s why I said I’m going to stop it.

Then last Saturday came and I went to a Bachelors party and did drink again, eventhough I said I do not.

Just wanted to avoid the stress, but well she found out because she saw me and I also did not come home and stayed at a hotel with all the others from the party and did not say a thing.

Came home next morning and she said she is going to leave. She packed some of her stuff and went to her parents. No contact for around 24 hrs. Wrote her a message where I said I know what I did was wrong and I’m taking full responsibility and will do my best in the future to fully fix this problem.

She said she needs some time and will get back to me.

Think we will have a talk in maybe like 2-3 days.

What do y’all think of this situation? What would you do? What can I do to make the situation better and fix it to the way that I can build up on my momentum and better myself and get back my attraction?

Thank you in advance.