I've noticed recently that I need girls to like me in and I'm possibly coming off as needy in my interactions. Physically wise I'm in good shape and have attracted good looking girls in the past. But it seems everytime I open my mouth they start to lose interest. Outside girls I think my friends would describe me as living a very exciting life.

For example this weekend I went out for drinks with my friends and I ended up sitting across this new girl. She was average looking at best. Typically sorority girl, kinda annoying as fuck tbh. But I found myself needing her to like me when she ignored something I said or didnt acknowledge me, I felt bad. In fact it made me want to fuck her more. Even knowing it was bad I still found my self being needy as fuck.

I have no abundance but have been struggling to gain some. I'm rarely around women anymore since I graduated college, but I'm currently saving up to move out.

I grew up in a Female lead household with my father being very passive and mother a narcisisst. I've recently learned not to blame them. I've also been reading no more mr nice guy.

Any good mindsets or advice to stop this I've been trying to employ the I am the prize mindest.