Context, me and my gf are in college, went out together last night, we got very drunk and were going from party to party having an amazing time. At the end she had clearly had too many drinks, she asks me what I would do if we ever broke up. I said I’d probably get back on tinder and find other girls, she then goes up to some guy that was into her before we were dating that happened to be at the party and said “ I know you thought I was cute last year and that you have lots of money, can we go out if me and my boyfriend break up”. And immediately I pull her aside and ask her what the fuck that was, she starts crying and feeling horrible for herself, saying she’d do anything to make me feel better, she’ll never go out drinking again, she would let me go through her phone, whatever and that she wants to marry me someday, etc. and I walk her home. she was sobbing the entire night. I told her I needed space and I left early in the morning. I don’t know how to move forward. I don’t really want to break up with her because she treats me incredibly well and is hot and the sex is great. I don’t think she had bad intentions by the way that she was acting, I think it was supposed to be a joke because that guy was like 5 inches shorter than her and not that attractive, but also I can’t tolerate it. I’ve told her that what happened is completely unacceptable, and she understands. There’s not really anything I can ask her to do, nor is there anything I can do to to fix it. It’s just bizarre to me because she puts so much effort into our relationship and this still happened somehow.

What would you do in this scenario? My gut is telling me to just pull away for a few days.