Ok guys let’s be honest I get abundance and all that but sometimes there’s one girl you still like more than the rest even when you’ve got others interested in you.

I was in the early stages with a girl that I’d known for a while, then she slowly grew distant over a couple weeks then told me she wants nothing anymore and wants to stay friends.

Being realistic, is there a decent chance to get her back if I play this right? I agreed with her on ending it, and then she’s hit me with small talk a couple times on social media since then and I kept it short and sweet.

We haven’t interacted for a couple weeks now, she was obsessed with me then one day it changed. Do you think if she happens to hear about me getting with another girl through the grapevine she might come back around to me? Any advice on how to get her back

In the couple times we had a little exchange on social media she mentioned about how ‘we don’t talk anymore’ makes me think she’s a bit upset I don’t talk to her as much now. Thanks.

And in general, how final is a ‘I just want to be friends now’ end to something, is there a decent chance to pull her back. Lol I wanna be friends with her and catch her around at college and stuff cause I care but I just distanced myself from what went wrong it sucks.