So the one and only thing plaguing me right now in my sexual life is i think my fear of intimacy/performance. I basically do all of the other things well, cold approachin, flirting, texting, alpha mannerisms, basic kino. I'm confident in who I am and my potential and have basically no social anxiety

The only thing that is holding me back from absolutely slaying is that I have this deep fear of trying to kiss them and have sex with them. I don't know why exactly I'm so scared but I'm the type of person that typically likes to know how to do things before actually doing them in the real world, but with kissing and having sex, there is no "practicing" because to practice is to do the actual thing itself. I think I have a fear that if I try to kiss or have sex that I'll suck at it and they'll reject me or something like that because of it, and the pain because of that would be too much to bear.

How can I get rid of this fear? Or how can I learn to get good at kissing/having sex before doing the actual thing, because I feel like this would alleviate most of my extreme hesitation.