I made a post a week or so ago about some morons on Reddit mislabelling me as an Incel over something trivial, and a girl I've been speaking to on Facebook who's literally sent me nudes, and has begged me to fuck her also joked/implied that I'm an incel within the same timeframe. It put me into a bit of an introspective spin, but after a few hours I remembered the 100s of girls I've been with in my life and I somehow managed to let the subject go.

A few days after that post, the girl with the nudes explains to me why she implied I was an Incel. Fair enough, I said. Let's hear it. According to her (no joke), I was "arsey" to her in the beginning, which basically translates to: I teased her. That is literally it. So, apparently now, the criteria for being an Incel has been expanded to teasing women. Fascinating. So, basically this has become a counter to the ever more increasingly mainstream Red Pill culture mostly thanks to Andrew Tate, I suspect. I'm not saying the shit we do doesn't still work, I'm saying Incel is now a tool to shame men who resemble anything close to Andrew Tate and his behaviour. Even though Tate himself is not an Incel. It's a fucking joke.

On top of that, tonight I was messaging a girl I haven't spoken to in a week who is usually very high interest. Suddenly she does a 180 and tells me she thinks I'm disrespectful to women, and that I'm vile and cold etc. I laughed and said okay, how? And she wouldn't give me an answer. She kept childishly going around the question, saying men like me make her sick lol. Fair enough. I wished her well, then she tells me she's seen another girl commenting on some of my posts calling me "big boy" and said, "you'd probably fuck them as well, I'm not a statistic blah blah blah" despite the fact I never hid that I wasn't looking for anything serious with her or anyone else. I'm always up front about what I want, even if it's just implied. She was all down for it prior to that.

What the fuck is up with these girls? Or am I the problem here?