Hey Fellas,

Took this plate who I haven't seen since September out to a hockey game. Some may say its a little much for a plate, you're probably right. But I have season tickets, and I regularly bring hot girls and tag them with me on my insta stories, so it helps my social proof. She is a HB9 no question, but definitely not LTR material. Talks about boys a ton and her escapades with them, goes out and parties, and blames a lot of her nights on blacking out. She also fights with her twin relentlessly its like a reality TV show lol.

We go to the bars right after the game and get to drinking/dancing/making out. I make sure to push pull by taking breaks and going outside making sure she follows me on her own accord. Everything's going well. Well she gets a message from a guy who saw her story asking what bar she's at. She must've replied cause she started to look over my shoulder at someone and I could tell this guy was here. The bar is shoulder to shoulder so we didn't have direct line of site with each other, but he is with some other people too.

We continue to dance and she is still all over me. At some point though, she has the balls to say to me, "Hey I should go say hello, he's my friend". I say to her you can say hi later. She was pretty adamant and drunkenly pushed past me. Here's my first question. Should I have said yes let's both say hi to this guy? Or did I do the right thing and let her go and just observe and not potentially mate guard?

I make small talk with the girls/guys around me, and she comes back after like 2 minutes. I figure all is well, this guy can obviously tell I'm making out with her and dancing. Well not like 30 seconds of being back, she goes up to this other guy right next to us and gets his snapchat. I turn around and walk out to the balcony as I am not one to take this type of disrespect lightly. She follows and starts putting her hand on my back. I can't remember exactly what she said there, but I held on to being stoic as long as I could. I knew the right thing would have been smiley and suggested we bar hop. But eventually I cracked and said something along the lines of, "I haven't seen you in months. I take you out to a hockey game which I only take a few girls to. And we spent the last hour together making out and dancing and you want to go get someone's snapchat right in front of me? Faaacckk you (like a Boston fuck you, not a Walter White to Gretchen fuck you.) It was said in a stern tone, not a "I'm completely losing my shit and yelling at the top of my lungs tone."

Well she storms off back in to the bar. I stay out on the balcony for 15 minutes. I started to head in looking for her. This bar is huge its easily got 500 people spread over a few floors. I find her downstairs talking to guy #1, but she doesn't see me as I am above them. I decided to text her and this is how it went:

Me: You're my responsibility where are you Her: I'm not it's good Me: Time to go. Don't play games I brought you here I'm getting you home. Her: I'm okay. Thanks

Like I said, she doesn't know I saw her downstairs and I leave out the other door so she doesn't see me. I just went home it was 2am anyway.

Any review on my actions and how things were dealt? I haven't heard from her nor have I texted her. Did I dry her up with how I acted? Or was this reasonable given the circumstances.