Recently I’ve noticed my gf is becoming more comfortable in our relationship. For the first time a couple weeks ago she actually complained about something I did even though I hadn’t really done anything, I still believe I passed the shit test though because she was very regretful once I let her know it wasn’t ok. After about 4 months of dating (I was fucking her casually for like 5 months before that) it’s to be expected, the honeymoon phase is wearing off. she admitted she feels less excited about things and even though she said that she “loves me very much and wouldn’t trade me for anything”, I know this is dangerous since women basically just operate on feelings. I’m thinking my plan is to start giving her less or more sporadic affirmation, start being very cold in texts, but at the same time ramp up the sex and go full 50 shades of grey on her essentially and see where it goes. What else would you guys recommend I do? If she still feels this way after all of this, I will break up with her because 90% chance it’ll end badly if I don’t.