Feeling ready to start cold approaching again, as I've read up on london day game and am ready to implement in the field. The approach anxiety has crept back into my life though. I was never over it, but I've lost some progress in the desensitization of it.

I didn't want to make this post. I wanting to do my cold approaching for the past couple days and have a good field report for you guys. Last week this HB7 was looking at me and we smiled as I entered the campus library. I caught her looking over at my table a couple of times, and she was with a guy. Looks like he's just a study buddy.

My friend (shorter and more buff) told me she actually flagged the guy down (she probably knew him) and invited him to sit with her. She was also ogling my friend as he left the library that day. Saw her the next day, and she coincidentally has class right next to mine, but at different times. Every time I walked by her classroom that day on break or to print papers she'd look up and smile like she heard me coming (I was talking with some guys). I even asked her and the little group what class they were in, so very small verbal exchange.

I know I'm making excuses for myself, or maybe not but I was going to approach today. I was extremely tired, and with a group dynamic it would've been a bad, maybe awful approach. I saw her in the library again sitting with that same study buddy. As I was about to leave she got up and walked towards a different guy at a computer and sat down and started talking with him. Is she looking for some muscles to grip onto while she's getting dicked? What are your reads on this chick, any flags?

Next Tuesday is my last class of the semester, so I gotta start approaching.

So yeah, thoughts on overcoming approach anxiety and approaching in a group dynamic when they're seated?