LTR ended by her over a year ago. I tried to fix it but she refused for months. I stopped taking her calls since April and cut her off completely. She's been since calling me a few times every month and texting me songs or asking me to call her. Since then she has probably called me at least 20 times. Got her friend to get me to talk to her. I refused all contact.

Yesterday i was driving and my bluetooth accidently picked up her call as caller id was disabled. I told her id call her back. I didnt so she kept calling me again and again so i again answered. Now this is what she said " I thought you wont answer ever. Are you seeing anyone? I have been trying to reach you for months. During our breakup and since the time i last saw you i was going through a lot of personal stuff (depression, career setbacks etc.) But since you went completely away not a day goes by that i don't think about you. I thought it would be easier to live without you but i just can't stop thinking about you. When all boundaries of me missing you were crossed i tried contacting you but you didn't reply. Things really got out of hand during my birthday and i went insane with my desire to speak to you but you didn't reply. Maybe i'll forever live like this alone. Whenever i listen to a song or watch a movie, i imagine US. I know its all ruined now but i cannot control my self.All i ever do now is distract myself and take meds and go to sleep. What we had cannot be replicated and i can't have it with anyone else no matter how much i try. Even though i try to move on and be with other people it just stays at the liking phase and never moves to the loving phase. I never thought i could feel so strong about someone even though i made the decision to end things. My depression wasn't because of you and i just needed to gain my confidence alone. I am growing personally and only i can make myself better. When i sleep alone in the night i am happy but something is missing and that is you. I know we can't go back to the good times since a lot has happened since then. I just needed to talk to you about this even at the cost of you thinking that i am selfish. I tried leaving you alone but i can't help myself when i can't control my desire. I thought we'll never talk for the rest of our lives"

She kept asking if i thought about her, i just told her i have heard her say different things before. She said she needed 1 yr to gather herself and she made her decision during her phase when she wanted to stay alone forever. She then said that she was angry at me for some reasons but doesn't know why she couldn't forget me. So many months have passed but everything reminds her of me. She even adopted a cat Timmy to help her get through.

She has asked me to let her know if i wanted to try again since she is going mad thinking about everything. Since yesterday she has called me 4 more times today at 2 am to know my answer. I didn't respond.

What do you guys think? Looks like a failed monkey branch. (Just fyi i have seen her on dating apps during the month of july when i was scrolling and a friend told me she got a few matches too. But i don't know if she went on any dates)