I was in a 1 year relationship with my (ex) a few months earlier. Everything was going great. No shit tests, no problems, best sex of my life, I have a fairly high n-count of 70-ish, so I have the experience to compare with.

Im 25, shes 22 and she had her own little apartment. I used to go there all the time, where she would cook me food and take care of her cat, and I would fuck the shit out of her. It really felt like I was in the house of my future wife. Her demeanor totally changes when we are in the house together like a housewife. I had the right woman before my eyes, ready for the taking. She was ready to be molded. Open to having kids. Good cook. Tremendous ass that even Instagram whores dont have (She was a Latina volleyball player in college). I was a God to her, I could do no wrong.

Anyways, we got in a fight and I kicked her out of my place one night at 1am during netflix. She has been irritating me with some slight jealousy games, but this was the worst of it, which is pretty minor in comparison to other crazy girls. I took some advice from TRP and waited for a moment to break up for the first time. It was boiling in my head for a few weeks, why would she do this, TRP convinced me of the absolute worst scenarios (most likely trolls or incels with no experience). So I kicked her out, told her I dont like where this is going, gave no explanation. I couldnt sleep that night, knowing I went nuclear over something minor. I messaged her the next day and we got back together to talk the next day. I admitted I made a mistake. We got back together again but the shit tests started, in the form of comfort tests the following weeks, but they were warranted. I broke up with her out the blue, when I was truly happy with her, it was a small fight, but I had to comfort her that I really wanted her.

The thing is, she slowly started to display signs of concerns: "I want to be with someone who wants to be with me" "Do you still love me?" ... but the spark was still there. She never gave me attitude in person. She never withdrew sex even after this. She never spoke to me in a bitchy tone once. Her eyes still looked at me like the sun.

In hindsight this should have been a classic "down" in the "up and downs" we have in any healthy relationship. There was no disrespect. But I asked TRP for advice and the advice was to break up.

So I did again (a second time) 6 weeks after the first 'faux' break up.

Now I realized I had let a good girl go. Over one trivial "Down" in the relationship. Although she hasnt expressed this to me, I know she has the impression that Im not capable of a relationship. Guys dont just dump a girl at the first minor infraction. I learned this lesson.

But she wont get back with me again. I tried once more. Its my last try. I just wanted to let TRP know, to not take it so literally. Just one or two shit tests is fine. One or two nags is fine. Months and months of it is not. I took the TRP Hardass approach and its not built for LTR game. Its built for plates you dont like. A lot of guys here also have little to no relationship experience and reiterate sidebar material. TRP Advice can be 99% of the time she is on good behavior, she does X which is a "red flag" and she needs to be demoted immediately or replaced. Its just not practical in a real relationship, its just supposed to be general concepts.

I get some amazing advice here, but Ive learned to be cautious about accepting LTR advice from posters here. Guys who are still worrying about how to kiss a woman or escalate or Kino, guys who dont even know how to build a roster, are trying to give advice on how to run a real relationship. Just my two cents, I hope no one is offended, maybe this can save someone else's relationship.

TLDR; Had a healthy relationship with a potential future wife LTR. I made a nuclear mistake taking TRP's black and white advice. Every girl comes with pro's and con's. So do you. You have to choose the LTR whose con's are worth tolerating because her pro's outweigh them. No such thing as a girl with no con's, that would be a "Unicorn". Thats all.