The girl's pictures are at the bottom of the album.

She was a HB6 in her photos and I messaged her to talk on campus school after class. When we met I didn't recognize her at all. She had done something different wither her (pinned up and not flattering). Also looked heavier, fat to be honest. Even had on a baggy sweater, what a shame. She was somewhere between a HB3.5-4. Maybe I'm being too harsh rn, but at that moment her looks weren't turning me on.

Instantly teased her about her glasses and how they're grandma glasses. " Sat down to talk and she fired back about how my eyebrows "need trimming beneath." I let her do most of the talking and was asking her about herself a lot, I was genuinely trying to understand her. She asked me my height, said 6ft. And

her: nah, you're 5'11. Most guys exaggerate their height.

Reaffirmed I'm in fact 6' and proved her wrong. So I teased her about being bad with numbers and estimates which is why she's got a C in math. Asked about her friends. She mentioned how she finds people annoying, so only has 1. Also said how she likes being independent and making money etc. So once she said this paired with her shit tests earlier I just went into her with the teasing with a few neggs.

I was being cocky and she'd say "wow, okay so not humble". She said I gave off "army brat vibes" whatever that means. I just A&A. Agreed that I was confident and even tried to build rapport by saying you gotta get to know me thoroughly. I didn't say those things back to back, but I really was trying to build rapport yet she was a bit stern.

My foot tapped hers twice

her: do that a third time and see what happens

Wasn't going to NOT do it now. I did it a third time a couple minutes later and she paused.

me: you felt that right

her: yes I did. It was nice meeting you.

and she got up and left. Later texted me on snap saying "you were nicer at (clubname). Apparently I had met her a couple months back with a friend and we played a round of jenga and she remembered. Said she can't lecture me for being rude when she walked off.

her: I walked off because of how you were talking to me. I found it rude.

I really don't care about the outcome. However I'm asking for feedback on my performance. I wouldn't wanna make these same mistakes with an HB8 in the future. Was I an asshole and where did I go wrong? Thanks.