This HB6.5 has been giving strong IOIs the past couple weeks. Yesterday I had my shirt tucked in and I looked good in arms and especially shoulders. Ran into her when I stepped out of the classroom and she said "you look hot." Also teased her about skipping math class and her grades, and how she needs me to tutor. She kept laughing, even when I said "maybe with wine." Today I ran into her at the math center and she immediately said hello and "you look cute."

I wasn't sure to move on this before, but now I'm going to. This was our last convo we had as we walked towards our cars. First she told me how she hates leos, lol. So far every girl who has said that has shown IOIs. She wants to be my study buddy and that may mean access to her house (lives alone with her kid). I'm not walking into friendzone territory though, here's the convo:

her: hey, you said we may study together, when are we gonna do that

me: we won't, I prefer to study alone

her: aw man

me: but we can netflix and chill (I said this with a cheeky smile and locked eye contact as we were walking further apart)

her: oh, NO

She looked away and back at me twice as I was holding eye contact. Each time she looked back she giggled.

I think she's DTF, also doubt she's just doing this for attention because I've paid her 0 compliments. I need to set this up and not take forever to do so. I was thinking asking her in person next week to grab some drinks or do something indoors due to the cold. She's direct with me, should also I be more direct with her? For example, just asking her when she's free to watch a movie and drink? She's also a stoner, maybe I can be like "let me see your bong, I've never smoked." Maybe we hit up a bar so I can escalate then back to her place (assuming the kid isn't a problem). I'm trying to be efficient and already have her # and snap. She got both of em from me a couple weeks back to supposedly study. I think this detail is insignificant, she's still talking about my class high test score from the other week. She either wants to fuck or just use me to study, I think fuck but can't be sure.

Also got a # of a 6 and will start gaming her as she's receptive. Gonna try and be efficient with that.