First plate after ending LTR. 25 y/o med student. Probably somewhere around 7 objectively. Wanna see how I'm doing, and if I should dial towards player more.

Met on dating app, had great banter back and forth, set up a date. Date went really well, only made out due to location, walked around and went our separate ways.

That was a Saturday. Hit her up on Tuesday to schedule another date, exchanged about 5 messages for each of us thruout the day (I always take longer or similar), then let her final message sit until the next day, exchanged a few throughout the day then too. Scheduled it for Friday night, picked her up and she was very impressed with my car.

Brought her out to a lake, fucked her on a blanket there. She was soaking wet & screaming. Said. "This is wild, I've never done anything like this. You must have done stuff like this a lot..." I laughed while shaking my head a little then kissed her. She made a joke about me not taking her to dinner while I was on top of her, and since she just made a comfort-test, I was grabbing her tits and went "Pff haha I'll take you to dinner." She didn't even say anything while I played with her asshole a bit while fucking her.

2 days later I hit her up telling her to send her roommate out to lunch with a friend ("my treat for them both", kind of beta??? She says her and her roommate made an agreement a year ago to never bring guys home, and I figured my offer projected an IDGAF well-off mentality to come fuck her again). She says her day is already scheduled "so maybe next time", then sent two more messages "But thanks though" "From me and my roommate lmao".

I say "No worries do your thing, lemme know when you're free to plan something. Think next Saturday my home will be empty so there's that." She hits me back a few hours later and says "Sounds good Saturday should work".

I sort of believe she actually isn't a slut? First date was a Saturday mid-day, second was a Friday night, and now have her scheduled to come over this Saturday. A ripped friend of mine tried to match with her on the same dating app and she never even got back to him. She made her Saturday open for me two times in a row now, claims she has never done stuff like that, was implying THAT I'M the "slut", and doesn't seem to have guy friends. She also said I was the first guys he's made out with who has a lot of beard. She's TELLING me she's not a slut, so that's why I dial back the player just a little...

Anyway, with all that backstory, the reason I'm wondering how I'm doing is because I'm worried I'm injecting a little too much beta-ness (maybe I should just let her think I'm more of a player?). I responded to her saying "Saturday sounds good" with "Roger that it's a plan" "Hope your day was solid too trouble".

She hits me back an hour or so later telling me some fact I would be interested in based on a conversation. I tell her I'll remember it, she says to let me know what I think of it later. I do let her know two days later, we exchanged 2 messages and then says "Looks like you live in the woods" based on a picture of my back yard. I say "No but I'd like to, you can tell how comfortable I am out under the trees" referencing us fucking by the lake.

She DOES NOT respond to that, but instead a couple hours later, at 10pm, sends me a screenshot of her homework (she knows I graduated from that field) and just the text "PLEASE".

This gave me the feeling she was trying to beta-size me, so I didn't respond that night. I was up at 7am just hitting back people in my messages to wake myself up a little, so I responded to her with a joke about how inapplicable the homework question is in real life, then asked "You figure it out?" I wasn't too incredibly worried because I know she does actually work full-time, plus school, and is up till 1am doing homework regularly.

This is the gist of our entire 3 week interactions. Hope some of y'all have the time to skim through this wall of text to let me know how you think I've been doing. I know her asking for homework help could be innocent, but I should not be giving favors for free. I plan on texting her "Bring some over Saturday, it'll be easy to do and you can encourage me under my desk" or something like that. Should I not even be referencing sex on texts? Any general thoughts appreciated.

Everything you guys have told me has worked so far. It's ridiculous.