I feel horrible for saying this but it took me years to realise my dad is a bit of a pussy. He is a good man who has good morals and has provided me with a good life growing up. He is smart and a good person. He is a nice guy.

But as i got older, i realised he is a pussy. He never has a strong opinion on anything. He is very passive and enabling. It took me years to realise but my mum is a piece of shit who disrespects him constantly and puts him down. I used to think this was normal but now as i got older i realised this isn't normal. Or is it? Does your mum belittle, put down your dad and disrespect him? I remember my mum even signed up to a dating site "just to have a look" a few years ago and my dad was so passive about it.

I watch andrew tate talk about his father and how alpha he was and he was a hero. My dad is nothing like that. My dad is very 'diplomatic' and non confrontational. He has such a weak spine.He is always so scared to say anythinmg that would annoy people, hell even with me he is scared to approach me for help or anythng its cringe. Like my OWN dad is scaredto ask me or tell me to do something. I think this has lead me to growing up a bit of a pussy myself or not really knowing how to be a man. I also dated girls who were like my mum who walked all over me but realised this was wrong and i think i know why as i learnt it off my parents.

is my dad that bad? or am i being too judgemental? How can I learn to be a man?