Throughout our relationship she steadily gained weight but mostly kept it under control and fell into the curvy category, but it did it for me so didn't care. Now we broke up 8 weeks ago and although it was somewhat amicable, it still hurt like a mother fucker and fucked me up for a solid 5 weeks emotionally as I felt all that heartbreak shit that turns out actually fucking hurts, a lot. Anyway, I then had the last 3 weeks until now where I mentally have been starting to actually acknowledge that it IS over, and I will NOT be seeing her again. It's been a gradual reduction of stress and I am sort of beginning to feel ok again.

Now today I come across her sister's profile on FB and the cover photo is this family shot and, in the picture, is my ex and I swear she has gained like 10kg I swear. I immediately felt better because the person I was looking at would not be someone I would want to pursue intimately. I actually zoomed in and had a holy shit moment and then felt this relief wash over me like damn that's fucked up and I hope for her sake she gets it under control but also wow I dodged a bullet right there ok no I can do much better then, that kind of thing.

TLDR ex got fat and I feel much better. Am I going to hell?