Hey guys, reclcently I found myself doing something I never did, I just started crying randomly sometimes.

Yesterday I was listening to music and this song came up (nothing too sad, it's You belong to me by Dean Martin) and I started crying and don't know why. A few months ago, I was watching John Q alone and I bawled my eyes out. I've never done that before.

This makes me feel so weird. Like I said I rarely cried before and now I started crying to music and movies. What I think happened is since I followed RP, I don't talk to people about my problems anymore, especially to females. I just write it in my laptop and save the file somewhere. It helps me keep calm and solve things more effectively. But probably keeping it inside is causing this problem?

Does it happen to you? How can I control it? I don't want to be hanging out with a girl watching movies and suddenly started crying, that would ruin any chances xD