I read a guy on here talking about this recently I think but can't find the post again for advice. Yeah so me and LTR have been together 1 year 7 months not living together but sort of considering it. LTR is good mostly some shit tests here and there but sex is good and she's good to me etc.

Yeah anyway she told me she wants to go see this magic mike type live stage show with her married friend and I was like uh yeah I don't know let me research it first and I did and it actually looks like a bunch of well planned dance routines and only goes for 90 minutes. Like the guys look like absolute chads and I know the women are going to be horny as fuck but I figure well if she goes to that and comes home to me then it's a win win?

I see if you're on a bridal party night thing you can get called up on stage and pretty much dry humped or if you pay extra as a normal attendee you can also get special treatment aka double team dry humped by chads etc. But she's just wanting to buy a basic ticket like where it's like no special treatment just watching.

Yeah idk like I honestly do trust her like she's been fucking solid so far and I have no reason not to trust her. Part of me is insecure but I also think it's a good time for me to pretty much show her that ultimately idk what she does so long as she fucks me good and treats me well? (that being said I don't think she is out to cheat on me).

She said to me how she just wants to go and have a fun night out and that her friend is only visiting the area for 2 weeks. She also said "If you want to you can even come with us.." which I don't know how to approach lmao.

But yeah like I fuck her good and often, she's a good chick, no big issues, just unsure how to approach this..