My main frustration with texting is that, even if a girl seems interested in me, I often can't keep up a convo long enough to arrange a meet. Here's what I already know:

  • the purpose of texting is to arrange to meet up. It's not chitchat - beating around the bush is how you lose them.

but also

  • if you're already on thin ice in terms of her attraction/interest in you, then you have to tread lightly. Sure, if a girl is down to fuck, you can text, "get your ass over here" and she'll giggle and comply. But if she's going to take some convincing, you have to employ some game to up her interest, then you invite her out. I'm usually in that territory.


  • she's getting texts from thirsty guys constantly. So if you don't make a move, you literally drop off her radar just due to scrolling.

With that said, here's the background: met this girl in June. Picked her up in a bar. Seemed into me. We made out in the parking lot - I even got her bra off. She lives close so we go to her place. Pulls my dick out and gives a 2/10 blowjob.

Doesn't finish; wants music; then she wants more alcohol. I'm still taking my clothes off and getting hers off. Does two shots; dancing around - I'm starting to get the picture that she's blackout drunk. Collapses on the bed and literally snores.

So okay, I'm not trying to catch a rape charge. I split.

For the next month, I'm trying to meet up with her so I can finish the deed. She stops responding randomly, or gives me a time, then replies hours later.

I've now given up unless she calls me (she wont) - so, no need to give me that advice - I got it. My question is, could I have salvaged this if I had better text game.

Here are some interactions: Me (day after dropping her off): bet you've got a monster hangover! Nice to meet you though

Her (more than 24 hours later): I'm ok. What are you up to tonight?

Me: I'll probably grab a bite somewhere, but wont stay out late since I work Monday. Where's a good taco place?

(no reply from her)

Me (next Friday): hey are you into blues? I'm meeting some friends later.

Her (immediately): sometimes. where are you goin?

Me: (gives time and place)

(no reply from her - I fucking hate double-texting but I'm optimistic early on)

Me: (sends her a pic of the band)

Her (next day): awesome

(the low-interest and lateness of this response is obvious - I'm looking for a way to salvage this - here's the one where she gave me a time)

Me: (we have some back and forth about hitting the beach at night) I'll pick you up at 6.

Her (immediate response): I'm gonna take a nap

Me (5:45): still on? (looking back at this - it feels like such a fucking weak text)

Her (at 10:45! Ten-fucking-forty-fucking five at night): ugh sorry I really crashed out

(bullshit! I got "better-dealed" and I know it)

So okay, I've cut my losses with this one. What advice can you give?