Everyone seems to talk about how easy it is for musicians to get laid (I think even Rollo said that being in a band when he was young scored him hot chicks).

I'm an amateur musician - I play guitar and sing. I don't write originals (anymore) but I cover pop/rock stuff from the 70s-90s. I'm actually pretty good - not professional but I can hold my own on stage in a bar. However it's never gotten me laid.

Up until this stage I've mostly just practiced at home + jam with friends, but I am planning to start doing more performances. So obviously getting out there more will help expose me to more women. But I want to hear from other amateur musicians - how do you guys get laid?

  • What type of venues/gigs should I focus on - open mics, busking, markets, or try and get Fri/Sat night gigs at bars?
  • Is it worth building up a social media presence (posting performance videos, etc).

P.S. music is just a hobby/passion of mine, I'm not doing it just to get laid but it seems like I should leverage the skills I have.