After years of trying different things I have come to the conclusion I cant be myself if i want to attract women. I've tried different things but it always comes down to the same things;;

Shoe lifts to make me taller Good hair / hair cut Clean shaven or a bit of stuble Clear skin Shredded / Abs tanned

I'm not trying to act like I deserve women for just being 'me'. But what If i want to grow a beard? What if I want to grow my hair long? What if I want to put on some size/muscle instead of being shredded? What if I want to have a 'cheat meal'. I can't be "myself" becauase being "myself" is not attractive to women. Also personality I always have to act confident, energetic, outgoing, fun, no matter how depressed or miserable I am inside. I have to always wear a MASK.

How do I cope with this? Knowing that for me tot be attractive to women, I cant even be "myself" I need to be a cookie cutter version of me