I'm just getting out of high school. I turned 18 about a month ago. I discovered TRP when I was 16, took a break from it seeing it as being too toxic for about a year, and am now coming back to it after seeing even more evidence for it's being reality...

I'm either going to go into IT/web development or go into some sort of trade. I've had a lawn service since I was 12 and have saved up around 25k. I might also get some sort of part-time job if I find something that seems interesting to me. I'm also developing a SaaS application for landscaping businesses.

Currently living with my parents (which are in their 60s, I was born later than most, and they married around 30 or so. The desire between them isn't very strong, they disagree on politics often, and frequently complain about money even though they do little to get more of it, despite me trying to offer advice).

Every time I mention the possibility of moving out and getting my own job to pay for the expenses, my parents simply say it would be too expensive and a better idea to save the money when I don't need it. Part of me agrees with this but another part of me wants the freedom of having my own place. I am not sure which would be the better of the two evils, but if I started dating around I would probably find it difficult to have girls see me as high value if my only place to be is my parent's house...and just awkward.

My main issue is that I don't go out much to places that people can socialize, and I don't know how to really do that since I have barely anything to do out of the house. I feel like my social life is going to be left in the dust seeing my friends going off to college where there is a constant flood of people you see every day and parties and such, and I'm just here at home with nothing to do but work.

I've tried dating apps but get almost nothing. The odds are so skewed in the females favor, being that they don't respond strongly to visual stimuli and there isn't much way to convey anything other than physical attractiveness (I'm about a 7.2 according to photofeeler). So that may work if I got more ripped (I'm naturally skinny waist and have wide shoulders) but I don't think that will happen any time soon. I need ways to go out and meet people. If I got a job which involves people, I might, but I've heard mixed reviews of the social conventions around dating/fooling around with coworkers.

What ways do people normally meet people besides online? I'm not interested in clubbing. Thoughts appreciated.