I met this girl 3 weeks ago while working at Tomorrowland. I went out with her for drinks, but logistics were pretty bad. She found out about another girl I fucked while I met her in that week, and blew up my phone after that. She came over straight to my house on the second date, and we were naked, doing foreplay, but I couldn't burst through her LMR.

She came up with some bullshit excuse. How she's afraid I'll dump her after I had sex with her, because she knows I'm seeing other girls. Saw this as a basic shit test, ignored it, and tried again 30 minutes later. Again, she wanted to wait. She's 19 years old and when I asked her if she was a virgin, she told me how she had sex once while being drunk. It could be true, because I could tell she's really inexperienced in the bedroom.

Fast-forward, one week. We cook something together at my place, turn on a movie, and again we are naked. She's wet as fuck and when I try to put it inside it's too tight. She looks uncomfortable. I ask her what's wrong, and she says she's not ready yet. This is the second time she has rejected my advances. It pisses me off, because some random dude fucked her during a drunken night (probs some random chad).

But, it's not like she's not attracted to me. She's all over me. Keeps kissing me in public, holding my hand, blows up my phone, is very clingy. Like, I can tell she's genuinely attracted to me. I think she's just witholding sex as a weapon to lock me into a relationship with her. I told her sex is important to me, and I'm not gonna force it. But if she's not gonna change her mind, that we should put an end to whatever we have. Then I sent her home, and she was almost crying.

What should I do now? Just ditch her? Or focus on other plates, and soft next this one.Withdraw attention, make her miss me, and then fuck her when she blows up my phone?