When I install it I get matches in the beggining,like I get 6-7 matches in the first week,than it starts to slow down and down until I stop getting any match at all.Most of the matches dont reply at all.

I stopped swiping because it's such a damage to self esteem to swipe 100 times for a week and dont get a single match.Like being rejected by 700 girls. I havent been on it for like 3 months and when I return like there is only 4 likes from which one is trans.

I did deleted my profile several times,last time I waited 3 months time before that I dont know. I was excited about tinder ,I read everything in the sidebar about online dating ,about looks,being fit.Like I went from being fat to having six pack abs,muscles, I really worked hard to get good body and took some intresting photos on the holiday,near sea.But nothing,I have it for like year and a half and npt only that I couldnt get a date,I could not get a talk with my matches longer then few replies with time space of several hours.

I always wonder wonder would being in Usa get me better results because there is more people and I have a feeling that there is more people used to online dating than in Eastern Europe.

When I put pictures of some guy that is somewhat of instagram model,like taller 6 ft 2 and super skinny with probbably attractive face and his quality instagram photos all in clothes without body showing I would get from 6-10 matches a day.Most girls still wouldnt reply but 10% of them which were average or above did ,which didnt made a problem when you have so many matches daily.

I can only conclude that I am ugly, which I wouldnt know if I didnt made a profile on tinder. I find it weird that of 100 girls no swipes right on me,when I put pictures on rating sites usually 10-50% of women rate me as attractive 35% somewhat and 10-15 unattractive. My score on photofeeler compared to other guys on that site is from 5 to 6.5 the highest.Meaning that I am better than 50 or 65 precent of guys and worse than 50 or 35%.I couldnt make a better picture so far,although I tested 10-15 pictures,it goes really slow when you are not paying for it.

I intend to make even better body in years that come and take more photos without shirt showing abs but outside ,on the beach for example. When I get really lean and muscled again I will try to find someone to take 100 of pictures of me each day from different angles in different activities outside. I will buy tinder gold and buy boosts.Also I will buy credits for photofeeler to test as many photos as fast as possible.

Anyone who wants can see my profile individually ,give me some tips and opinions but I am not posting it here publicly.