My current ltr has had a family vacation planned since before we were together. She’s going with her mom, step dad, and sister. She has two younger siblings but they are not going as this is an adult trip.

After seeing all the horror stories on here I’m really not cool with my girl going on this trip especially because of the locations, Miami and Mexico.

Ltr wants me to go and asked her mom but the answer was no because ltrs mom does not like me.( We have had issues in the past as she has verbally and physically abused my ltr)

The vacation isn’t until about 5 months from now. This is hard because of the circumstance of why I can’t go. My ltr agrees we should always travel together and says she wishes I could go.

What should I do? Am I being too insecure on this one? I know what goes on in those places and know my ltr will be drinking with her family and also know they do not like me so they wouldn’t care if she cheated on me.